This Website is run in collaboration with a team of Barristers with a special interest in Family Provision Law

How Can We Help?

Our team can put you in contact with one of our contributing barristers, who can provide you with initial advice on your case prospects.

If your barrister considers that your case needs a solicitor, they can assist you in finding a solicitor who is experienced in family provision law.

What is a Barrister?

In Australia, lawyers are separated into two categories, solicitors and barristers. Barristers are specialist advocates who are retained to represent clients in the courtroom and at various alternative dispute resolution processes, provide advice on legal problems and to assist solicitors in the pre-trial processes.

Why Brief a Barrister?

Most cases will involve both a barrister and a solicitor at some stage, and the court expects a barrister to be briefed as early as possible. While it is typical for your solicitor to engage a barrister on your behalf, barrister's can accept cases both from solicitors and directly from clients.

Whether you choose to brief a barrister directly or through your solicitor, engaging a barrister early on in the proceedings assist in ensuring the efficient and cost-effective resolution of your matter. If engaged early on, a barrister can:

  • Provide objective and realistic advice on the strengths and weaknesses of your case;
  • Assist with pre-trial strategies and the gathering and preparation of evidence, making sure your case is court-ready;
  • Clarify the legal issues in dispute and narrow the dispute to ensure an economical and time-effective resolution; and
  • Assist you in your case throughout the dispute resolution process, helping you to assess the reasonableness of settlements and make informed decisions about your prospects should your case proceed to trial.